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    FVI Tech Corner - My internet is broken. HELP!!!

    As most of us can attest, we rely heavily on the internet for everything from checking email, to posting on social media, to staying current with family and friends and making online payments. When your internet connection is
    not working, it can seem like the end of the world. Below are some simple troubleshooting steps you can try.

    Step 1) Don't panic, we will help you resolve the issue.

    Step 2) See if anyone in the house can get online with any other devices (i.e. iPad, phone, laptop, Xbox, etc). If others in the home are able to get online, it is likely an issue with your device. Restart it and check that you
    are connected to your home network. You can find this in the Control Panel on Windows based devices, under the Network and Sharing center. If you are connected wirelessly to your router, please check that your WIFI switch is
    set to the "ON" position on that device. You can also try moving the WIFI switch to the "OFF" position and use an ethernet cable to connect your device to one of your router's ethernet ports and see if that enables you to get

    Step 3) If no device is able to get online, please power cycle or reboot your router by unplugging it from the power source for 15 seconds. Plug it back in and watch the lights on it. Once the lights are lit as usual (usually
    takes about 2 minutes), then try to get online again. Also check other devices in the home to see if they can get online. This may also require you restarting your computer or device to reconnect to your network.

    Step 4) If you are still unable to get online, please check that the wire coming from the outside antenna is plugged into its power device. We have 2 types of power adapters, which are shown below. Please make sure the ethernet
    cable from the antenna is plugged into your power device and there is a green light on it indicating it is getting power.


    Step 5) Take the cable out of your router's INTERNET port (may be labeled MODEM), plug that directly into a laptop or computer and check the internet again. If you are able to get online now, that usually indicates there is
    a problem with the router and you should contact the router manufacturer for support.

    Lastly if all else fails, please contact us at 847-742-4623 BEFORE turning the power to the antenna off, so that a support technician can assist you.

    We are working hard to make your internet as problem free as possible. Happy Surfing!

      Comments? Questions? Suggestions?   We want to hear them! Please email webmaster@foxvalley.net .
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