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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions relating to your Internet service. If you do not find an answer here, please call us at 847-742-4623 or send an e-mail message to We'll do our best to provide you with a quick response.

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How can I contact Fox Valley Internet Support?

You can contact Fox Valley Internet Support by sending an email message to or by calling 847-742-4623. Support hours are from 7:30 AM to 12:00 AM central time Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturday and 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM on Sunday.

Where can I learn about the Internet?

There are many resources available on the Internet about using the Internet. Microsoft's Guide to the Internet is a good starting point which provides useful information on using the Internet without getting too technical. If you're trying to translate computer jargon into English, check out

Where can I download the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer?

The latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is available from Microsoft's web site at

How do I configure my news client?

The Fox Valley Internet news (NNTP) server is Our NNTP server requires authentication. You MUST use your full email address as the username for authentication. Be sure to use your correct password as well. For details on setting up NNTP with unix based NNTP clients, click here.
If you are connecting via a Fox Valley Internet national dialup, you must use for the NNTP Server.

How do I configure my mail client?

For Microsoft Internet Mail, Outlook and Outlook Express, click here.

For Netscape Navigator and Netscape Messenger, use the following values:

SMTP Server:
POP3 Server:
POP Account:

In Eudora, use the following values:

POP Account:
Return Address:
SMTP Server:

Where YOURUSERNAME is your Fox Valley Internet username.

If you are connecting via a Fox Valley Internet national dialup, use for the SMTP Server.

How do I send and receive mail?

The table below provides instructions on how to read and send e-mail messages using Windows.
From the Internet Explorer Click on the Mail icon on the toolbar at the top of the Internet Explorer. To read mail, click on Read Mail. To send mail, click on New Message.
From the Windows 95 Start Menu Click on the Start button, then click on Programs and then click on Internet Mail or Outlook Express. To send mail, click on the New Message icon on the toolbar at the top of Internet Mail or Outlook Express.

NOTE: To receive new mail messages, you may need to click on the Send and Receive icon on the toolbar at the top of Internet Mail. In Windows 95, you can configure Internet Mail to automatically check for new messages when you start Internet Mail and at specified intervals. To enable this option, click on the Mail menu, click on Options, click on the Read tab and check the box labelled Check for new messages every __ minutes and enter a value for the interval. Warning: entering a value less than 5 minutes can degrade performance and cause duplication of mail messages.

Why aren't there any new messages when I go into Internet Mail even though the button on the home page says I have new mail?

By default, Microsoft Internet Mail does not automatically check for new messages. You have to click on the "Send and Receive" or "Check for New Messages" button. You can configure Internet Mail to check for new messages automatically by clicking on the Mail menu, then clicking on the Options entry, then clicking on the Read tab and then clicking the checkbox which says "Check for new messages every N minutes".

How do I make my own home page?

The first step is to design your pages using a web design tool on your computer. You can use whatever web design tool you want (including Netscape Gold, Hot Metal, Hot Dog, or even just a simple text editor) to design your web page(s). Once you have your pages ready, configure your design tool to upload via FTP to the host into the directory /public_html. Your main page (the one served when someone requests must be named index.html. Remember, directory and file names are case sensitive.

Please keep in mind that these user web sites do not support Microsoft Frontpage "extentions". You may feel free to design/create your site with FP, but "publishing" (a.k.a. uploading) your site via Microsoft Frontpage is not possible. You must instead use a FTP application for this, such as "Smartftp" from If you require FP Extentions, it is available with our more robust NT Web Hosting.

If you'd like to have your home page added to the Fox Valley Internet User Pages List, send an e-mail message containing your name and Fox Valley Internet username to

How do I add a hit counter to my web page(s)?

To add a counter to your web page(s) which increments each time it is referenced and displays the result, simply add an image with a source of /shared-cgi/Count.cgi?df=PAGE-ID&dd=FONT, where PAGE-ID is a unique value which you choose and FONT is one of A, B, C, D, E, army, caliblu, childblks, embblu1, lottery, simpson or wooden. Note: for web sites hosted on Windows NT, replace Count.cgi with Count.exe in the above URL. The Count.cgi Reference Page provides information on the many other options available.

How do I create an HTML form which will send the responses to me via an email message?

Fox Valley Internet has two scripts which will process HTML form data and send an email message containing the responses. The simplest one, FormMail, sends a message with one form field per line. Information about using FormMail is available at FormMail.txt. The second script, cgiemail, requires a template file which allows you to layout exactly how you want the mail message to appear. Information about using cgiemail is available at cgiemail.html.

How do I remove a virus from my computer?

Symantec makes virus removal tools for most common viruses. These can be downloaded free from their removal tools page.

Do you provide UNIX/Linux shell account access?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information about gaining access to our shell services.

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