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Bulletin Board Forums for asking questions, getting answers, exchanging ideas, buying, selling, trading, etc. *

Change Detection Monitor any web page and receive an email when it changes.

Change Password Change your password.

Dial-up Connection History Display information about your last dial-up connections including disconnect reasons, connection speeds and more. *

Domain Mail Aliases Allows you to forward mail sent to email addresses at your domain to real email addresses.

FoxFone Online Account Management View and manage your FoxFone account. (Only available to clients with Fox Fone service.)

HTML Mail Interface Provides access to your e-mailbox from any web browser anywhere in the world.

Mail Rules Allows you to add server-side mail rules for your incoming e-mail messages. This includes the capability to filter out SPAM.

Maintenance Schedule Provides information about upcoming network maintenance.

Network Status Provides real-time information about network outages that may be or may have affected your service.

Remote reboot Allows our collocation customers to reboot their devices from the web.

Speed Test Determine the speed of your connection. *

User Information Display information about your current connection including your assigned IP address which is required by some client software such as Internet phones. *

* These services are only available to clients within the Fox Valley Internet network.
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