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Dedicated Access

Dedicated access provides a 24 hour-per-day connection to the Internet. Service includes IP address allocation based on your needs and primary and/or secondary name service.

Dedicated access prices include all equipment required for our end of the circuit. Analog and ISDN services can dial into any of our Chicagoland dialup points of presence. DS0 and DS1 services require additional telephone company circuit charges which are based on the distance from your location to our network center in Elgin, IL (847-742).

33.6Kbps analog dedicated access$100.00$70.00
56Kbps analog dedicated access$100.00$75.00
64Kbps ISDN dedicated access$100.00$95.00
128Kbps ISDN dedicated access$100.00$175.00
56Kbps DS0 dedicated access$200.00$85.00
128Kbps DS1 (Fractional T1) dedicated access$200.00$125.00
256Kbps DS1 (Fractional T1) dedicated access$200.00$175.00
384Kbps DS1 (Fractional T1) dedicated access$200.00$215.00
512Kbps DS1 (Fractional T1) dedicated access$200.00$260.00
768Kbps DS1 (Fractional T1) dedicated access$200.00$325.00
1.54Mbps DS1 (Full T1) dedicated access$200.00$500.00
Prices quoted are for month-to-month subscriptions. Fox Valley Internet offers a 5% discount for pre-paid 6-month subscriptions and a 10% discount for pre-paid 12-month subscriptions.

Fox Valley Internet does not permit unsolicited commercial e-mail. Any such attempts may be aborted and the violators account may be terminated.

Fox Valley Internet reserves the right to deny and/or terminate service to any individual or organization which, in Fox Valley Internet's opinion, is using or intends to use the service for an illegal purpose.

For more information, please call 847-742-4623 or e-mail

Use of this service requires acceptance of Fox Valley Internet's Acceptable Use Policy.
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