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Serving the community for 25 years

About Fox Valley Internet

Fox Valley Internet has been providing internet services to rural communities 50-100 miles outside of Chicago since 1996. In 2024 GetGoing Infrastructures merged into Opiquad LLC. We are proud to be part of OPIQUAD and to also provide their industry leading Internet, VoIP, UCAAS, Cloud Email and Cyber Security Services.

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Our Partners


How we do it

Fast and reliable internet service with local support

We provide fast and reliable internet service with a local support team. Our main focus is making sure our customers have the most reliable service they can get. With this in mind we have built our network with redundancy to ensure we can keep our customers online for as long as possible.

Cyber Security

With assistance from industry leading partners Fox Valley now provides world leading privacy and security to our loyal customers. Our Internet, email and VoIP services are built around keeping your data safe, secure and private. Securing your data and Internet are top priority.

Simple, Customized Plans

We have Simple, Customized Plans to fit every need. From Streaming and Gaming to Work and Learn from Home. Small Businesses to Multi-Location and Large Enterprises.

Services for the home starting at

Fixed Wireless Internet



Get Going with Fox Valley Internets Wireless Internet service. If you are a light user of the internet then why pay for bandwidth you’ll never use? Discover our Wireless Internet service plans today.

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FoxFone Voip Service



With FoxFone’s VoIP phone service, you can experience high definition call quality that can save you up to 40% on your bill compared to traditional phone lines.
*Additional fees: $1 a month E-911*

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Cloud Email Service



Cloud-based email services offer a variety of benefits, including accessibility, security, and synchronization. With cloud email, users can access their messages and attachments from anywhere, while keeping their data safe and backed up.

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