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Cloud Email

Choose The Best Hosted Email Provider

Choose The best Hosted
Email Provider

Upgrade your email experience with Fox Valley’s nimble, secure, and private hosted email solutions tailored to fit your needs. Say goodbye to the limitations and privacy concerns of traditional email services and switch to our enhanced security options that give you more control over your email policies. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and manage your email, while our enhanced security features keep your personal information safe and private. So why settle for generic, unsecured email services? Make the switch to Fox Valley’s hosted email solutions and enjoy a more versatile, secure, and personalized email experience.

Enhanced Security

With our add-on protection services know when your private information has been leaked online


We offer free inbound spam filtering that automatically adapts to emerging threats

Basic Email

Price: $2.95 per email, Features: IMAP & POP3 Clients, Webmail, 10GB inbox size and Standard Security.

Multi Account Access

Maintain and access all of your accounts in one place.


Webmail & Mobile App

So your conversations continue no matter where you are.


Premium Email

Price $5.95 per email, Features: Includes all features from the basic plan + Digital Asset Defender, advanced control over security features and cloud backups for up to 3 years of email history.

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