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Dial-up Access

Our Dial-up Access accounts provides direct access to all the features of the Internet from any of our dial-up points-of-presence. Using a standard dial-up PPP connection, you'll be able to browse the World Wide Web, read and send e-mail, read and post Usenet News articles, download and upload files using FTP, and chat using IRC. You can even create your own web pages for the world to see. Because we use a standard PPP connection, you can use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape's Navigator or any other software package which is compatible with your operating system.

Dial-up access features:
  • Standard dial-up PPP access
  • One e-mail address with Virus/SPAM/customized filtering 1
  • Your own personal World Wide Web pages 2
  • Usenet news server access 3
  • Shell account access
ServiceMonths 4ActivationPrice
33.6Kbps or lower access 1$10.00$15.95
56Kbps (V.90/K56flex) access 1$10.00$18.95
64Kbps ISDN access 5 1$10.00$19.95
128Kbps ISDN access 5 1$10.00$34.95
Timed access ($1.00/hour) 1$10.00$4.95
Additional e-mail addresses, static IP addresses, etc. are also available. See our Additional Services page for more information.

Additional dial-up channels are available as an option to support Multilink PPP which binds multiple channels together to form one higher bandwidth connection. Support for Multilink PPP is available in Microsoft Windows 95 Dial-up Networking V1.3 and Windows 98.
Additional 56Kbps (V.90/K56flex) channel$10.00$14.00
Additional 64Kbps ISDN channel$10.00$15.00

For more information or to subscribe, please call 847-742-4623 or e-mail

1. Includes 10MB of mailbox space.

2. Personal web pages include 10MB of disk space and allow up to 100MB to be transfered per month.

3. Usenet access includes up to 25GB of data transfer per month.

4. There are no refunds on pre-paid 6-month or longer subscriptions which are terminated prior to the end of the term. Dial-up subscriptions can be changed to another dial-up service at no charge.

5. 64Kbps ISDN includes up to 300 channel hours per month. 128Kbps ISDN includes up to 600 channel hours (300 hours per channel) per month. Additional channel hours are billed at the rate of $1.00 per hour.

Use of this service requires acceptance of Fox Valley Internet's Acceptable Use Policy.

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