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Server Collocation

Server collocation provides an alternative to the cost of running a dedicated line to your site. Your server is located in our equipment room and connected directly to our backbone switch allowing burst bandwidth up to the full backbone bandwidth. Because you maintain complete control over your server, you're free to choose the hardware and software that best meets your requirements.

Server collocation prices include space for one server, one twister-pair 100Mbit Ethernet connection, unconditioned electrical supply and space for one appropriately sized uninterruptible power supply. Monitor, keyboard and mouse are provided through our switch. Pricing is based on average bandwidth usage for the month.

Server collocation (up to 64Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$125.00
Server collocation (up to 128Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$150.00
Server collocation (up to 256Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$225.00
Server collocation (up to 384Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$300.00
Server collocation (up to 512Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$375.00
Server collocation (up to 768Kbps average bandwidth)$200.00$550.00
Server collocation (up to 1.5 Mbps average bandwidth)$200.00$700.00
Special pricing is available for multiple collocated servers, shelves and racks.

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